Resa’s Fun Facts

  • At some point, I will cry tears of happiness while working with you.
  •  When the planning gets stressful, I will be there for you to vent.
  •  I will help you come up with ideas that will be show stoppers!
  • I will help you come up with solutions to planning problems!
  • Mailing day is ridiculously exciting for me – I might cry on this day too!
  • Your guests will give you compliments on your stationery!
  •  Pinterest ideas are always welcome!
  • I will friend you on Facebook and get to know you personally so your event will be executed accordingly.
  •  I’ve been known to stay up until all hours of the night to complete your project.
  •  I will reach out to you to congratulate you on your special day!
  •  I will follow up with you to find out how your special day was!
  •  I will go shopping in crazy places to find the perfect decor or embellishment for your event!
  •  I like to use all forms of communication and am okay with whichever one you like to use!
  •  The day of your special event, I post my work and congratulate you in all social media forums!
  •  The day of your special event, I get antsy to see pictures of you celebrating! (Love to see the happiness!)
  •  Nothing makes me happier than to see my clients have their visions come to life.
  • I always hope that I get to help with all clients’ events – from weddings to showers and everything in between!